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Read more: news/world/middle-east/vladimir-putin-claims-ally-bashar-assad-is-ready-to-hold-elections-with-healthy-opposition-10486871 Putin claims ally Assad is 'ready to hold elections'
On 2 September there was a further sign of Russian presence when the al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, showed pictures of Russian planes �C possibly MiG-29s flown by the Syrian air force �C and a UAV surveillance drone over western Idlib province.?Russia has had a base at Tartous since 1971, but until 2013 it was a depot manned by just four military seamen. This year there is evidence of more Russian contract soldiers at the depot, presumably because the Syrian opposition has made advances in nearby Idlib and could threaten" class="esi-gallery" data-galleryId="10241226 news/world/europe/in-pictures-russia-commemorates-70th-anniversary-of-victory-day-10241226 In pictures: Russia commemorates 70th anniversary of Victory Day ?Overall, there is little evidence that at this stage Russia has substantially increased its existing mission �C providing advice and instruction �C probably numbering in the hundreds, plus aircraft engineers and logistics specialists protected by Russian marines.Mr Assad��s forces are weaker this year and have suffered significant territorial losses to Islamic State (Isis) and a jihadi coalition led by Jabhat al-Nusra. This week the army lost a large airbase at Abo al-Dohur, which was the last government stronghold in Idlib province. cheap nfl jerseys for women wholesale jerseys usa cheap nfl jerseys china free shipping cheap jerseys from china nfl jersey china